SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Adventure Camps
SeaWorld & Busch Gardens ADVENTURE CAMPS

Adventure Camps Adventure Camps Adventure Camps
Turn your group event into an animal expedition. Check out our sleepovers and short-stay resident camps for groups.

Group Camps

SeaWorld and Busch Gardens Adventure Camps are designed to be what hundreds of teachers have told us they’re looking for in a group field trip: educational, safe and secure, easy on the teacher to organize—and so cool that the students will remember it forever.

Give your school, scout or other special youth group a uniquely fun learning experience that also helps to develop closer relationships and team spirit.

Call us to plan an overnight sleepover or a multi-day resident camp that provides an extended opportunity for the members of your group to gain knowledge, get to know one another better, and make memories they’ll never forget.

Group sleepovers and group resident camps are offered year-round.

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